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Although the original purpose of a garage is to store a car, this tends not to happen in most garages. However, there are certain items that are commonly found in garages, stored on racking such as the  Cheap Shelving Units Ireland way that you can find from Rackzone, and here are twelve of them.

12 Items You Are Likely to Find in Every Garage

1. Plant Pots

Plant pots and containers collected over the years can build up, and you’ll often find a supply of these in most garages.

2. Tins of Paint

It’s rare to completely finish a tin of paint after a decorating job, so the remains of the can are often found lurking in a garage.

3. A Ladder

Ladders are handy for all sorts of indoor or outdoor DIY jobs, and when it comes to storing them away, the garage tends to be the top place to keep them.

12 Items You Are Likely to Find in Every Garage

4. Shelving

With many garages storing tools and equipment, there’s a good chance you’ll find shelving in most garages for keeping items organised and tidy. According to Popular Mechanics, open shelving and enclosed cabinets offer great flexibility for storing odds and ends.

5. Tools

Even if you’re a novice DIYer, most of us own a few basic tools, and the garage is the one place they tend to get stored. Keep them on a shelf, in a toolbox or hung up on the wall.

6. Nails and Screws

As well as tools, many garages also contain a tin or jar of nails and screws for tackling a range of DIY jobs.

7. Garden Hose

Handy for watering plants or cleaning the car, this garage staple can be hung up on the wall for convenient storage.

8. A Bike

Whether you’re a keen cyclist or not, most garages are home to a bike or two, and you’ll often find one sporting a flat tyre!

9. Gloves

Protective gloves for DIY or gardening tasks are commonly found in many garages.

10. Oil

Oil for the car or other general-purpose oil or lubricants tend to be found in every garage.

11. Toys

If you’ve got kids at home, there’s a strong chance that some of their outdoor toys will be stored away in the garage, especially if these are season specific items such as paddling pools and slides and swings that are not permanently anchored into the ground.

12. Spiders

Perhaps the least welcome inhabitants of a garage, but frequently found there, nevertheless, spiders tend to call garages their home.