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If you have been given the honour of being a bridesmaid at a best friend’s or family member’s wedding, then how you look on the day will be almost as important as the bride.

Being a bridesmaid is a great excuse to get pampered, by getting your nails and make-up done and of course the all-important hairstyle.

While the bride may have a theme or an idea of how she wants her bridesmaids’ hair on the day, having some ideas and practising with some styles in advance is always a good idea.

The Slick and Sleek Look

Having your hair securely pinned back and lacquered will ensure it stays looking sophisticated and perfect all day long. Perfect for fitted long dresses and heels.

Half and Half

The half and half look can look great with curls, either natural or styled. Pinning some of the hair at the front off the face but leaving a few curls falling softly around the face is a pretty style which suits an off-the-shoulder dress.

For a bridesmaid dresses, companies such as have colours and styles to suit every type of body shape and offer some stunning designs.


If your hair looks good when well groomed and natural, adding a few gem stones either on a hair grip or elastic hair tie can give a princess look to any outfit.


As long as they are secured properly, wearing flowers in your hair for a wedding can look lovely, especially in the summer months and if the ceremony and reception include an outdoor space.


For those lucky enough to have naturally curly or wavy hair, show it off and go natural.

For couples wanting a less traditional wedding, pressure is being put on the government to recognise humanist services.


Hair crowns made with gemstones or fresh flowers are very in vogue and have the added bonus of keeping the hair in place while looking beautiful and feminine.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles to Know
Braids, Plaits and Buns

There are many different ways hair can be plaited and pinned up, and getting a professional stylist to show you what will suit your hair best on the day is a worthwhile investment. The joy of plaits and buns is that all bridesmaids can have the same style and complement the bride perfectly on her big day.